Industries which are Big Bag using

Industries which are Big Bag using

Intermediate bulk containers demonstrate an overall increase in shipping and packing efficiency forr all industries.

- BigBag for Mining
- Sling Bag for Cement Industry
- FIBC sack for Gypsum
- Bigbags for Construction
- Big Bag for Chemical
- Bulk Bag for Agricultural
- Jumbo Bag using Food Industry
- Big Sack Gardening and Paysage Industry

Advantages of Big Bag using

  • Big bag provides easy packaging
  • Big bags provides easy Moving and Carrying
  • Bigbags provides easy Handling
  • Fibc usage is more economical
  • Jumbo bag usage is reduces empty spaces in transportation
  • Bulk bag provides easy filling and discharging

  • Big bag,Sling Bag usage, due to the advantages which it is provided, it's usage increases for dry bulk cargo transportation, storage and stocking day by day more intensively. Especially, fast loading and unloading time provides appropriate possibilities. 1000 kg to 2500 kg carrying capacity, able to stackable for container and truck loads required due to low labor cost makes big bag cheaper than other transportation alternativesand the most logical option. The bigbags which are manufactured by our company always meets the expectation standards, the transportation risks are decreased, using bigbags also provides comfort to our customers and avoids uneasiness.. Our bigbags are produced in a hygienic environment, they provide to carry all products including food products very cleanly.

    NEW Bulk Bag Handling Guidelines Available

    FIBCA has released an extensive update to its widely used guide promoting bulk bag handling safety. The new document incorporates the recommendations contained in all available industry standards (ISO 21898, JIS Z1651, etc.) and it will help ensure Bulk Bag / FIBC users are aware of the general Do’s and Don’ts for FIBCs/Bulk Bags. The updated guidelines are available in The FIBCA Bulk Bag Resource Center and can be downloaded based on job function or as a complete document.

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