FIBC s are suitable for any free-flowing material in powder, granular or flake form. They are lifted by forklift trucks and cranes.
Since 1996

We Produce
Big Bags

ESKA BigBag®, Big bag Bulk Sacks, Jumbo Bag

Since 1996

Big Bag
Fibc Products ®

Bigbag, Bulk Sacks, Jumbo Bag, Contanier Sacks®

Since 1996

ESKA Big Bag ® Manufacturer

Sling Bag, Contanier by ESKA Packaging®


Leader Manufacturer of Bigbag

As the Eska Bigbag, the establishment of our corporation has been completed, in terms of marketing (domestic - foreign), planning, purchasing, production and delivery departments;all of them working effectively and coordinated .

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Years of Experience

Raw Material and Material Selection

Bigbag entirely is produced by bringing together the appropriate materials. When the necessary configuration provided, bigbags can be used as trouble-free. For example, 1000 kg carrying is needed minimum of 30g/mt loop, we use at least 32gr/mt loop. Sometimes, when we saw risk on products, we use 37g/mt loop, however we don t reflect any additional cost to the customer.

  • Supplier selection is a very sensitive subject for our company. We are always supply quality raw materials, we are rely to our products unconditionally.
  • Therefore perfect coordination of our corporate structure,our customers sales, production, shipment,accounting and financial expectations are provided perfectly
  • Our production plant is consisted of machineries according to newest technology and needed all machines and equipments are reinforced continously

Some of Our

Standard Bulk Bags </a></h3>
Standart 4 Loop Big Bags

Standard Bulk Bags

Standard Bulk Bags </a></h3>
Container Bags

Liner Bag

Standard Bulk Bags </a></h3>
Baffle bulk bags

Q-Bags (Baffle Bags)

Standard Bulk Bags </a></h3>
Single Loop Sack, 2 loop bags

One Loop Bigbags

Standard Bulk Bags </a></h3>
Cross Corner

Cross Corner Bags

Standard Bulk Bags </a></h3>
SlingBag for Cement

Sling Bags For Packs


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