Application of FIBC

FIBC Variates

Bigbags offers different options for filling and discharging. For filling; there are top open, spout, skirt, flap options. For discharging in bottom; there is spout option. These all options offers easy filling and discharging possibility.

The product which we agreed and promised with customer, if it is considered as risky on both production planning and tests, then, the goods are produced according to higher standard as without any extra fee or new price. And it is not even known by our customers often.

Therefore Eska Bigbag brand is our honour, in case of necessity lose money, it is afforded by us. The quality control is our permanently target.

• Chemicals
• Fertilizers
• Polymers
• Fillers
• Minerals
• Cement
• Food Grains
• Agro-produce
• Potato
• Building Materials
• Asbestos Disposal

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