Bigbags Are So suitable for Fillers:

Fillers are using for packaging the grain, powder, granulate, pulse, particles products.
Bulk bag fillers (sometimes known as Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container [FIBC] fillers) are used to load free-flowing dry materials from the production process into large bags for transport and/or storage. Filling bulk bags with product is an activity that needs to be carried out both safely and effectively.
Bulk bag fillers are designed to receive product directly from your process equipment. Designed with flexibility and safety in mind, our bulk bag fillers have an adjustable frame that easily adapts to a variety of bag sizes.
How a bulk bag filler works. First, the bulk bag spout is clamped around a ventilated collar arrangement which ensures that product is collected and contained within the bulk bag. The collar is designed to be held in position by four spring loaded loop retaining hooks. Secondly, once the bag is in position, material is released to move through the filler into the bag. As it does so, displaced air is vented to the atmosphere via an exhaust stub located on the back of the ventilated collar. The stub is supplied with a removable dust sock. Removing the sock permits direct connection to your facility’s dust collection system for the elimination of any dust generated during the filling operation.
The adjustable framework of the filler bag filler will straddle a pallet or optional platform scale with controller-enabled bulk bag weight control.
Fibc bag fillers are constructed with a fully welded frame made from carbon steel, with stainless steel construction available as an option. The ventilated collar is manufactured from stainless steel. A fork-lift (FLT) option is also available which enables the filler to be easily moved to different locations. This option adds integrated fork-lift pockets, together with a solid bottom plate and cross braces for additional strength.
Jumbo Bags fillers are designed to fill bulk bags with accuracy and safety. Utilizing a low- maintenance design, our bulk bag fillers offer years of trouble-free maintenance. In addition to bulk bag fillers